Father's Day
Father's Day

Just in time for all your outdoor adventures, Eczanes have added the award-winning CasusGrillTM to their range, a sustainable one time use grill that cooks for up to an hour suited for any trip outdoors.

Inspired by the excessive waste that can be found ruining campsites across the globe, the CasusGrillTM was invented to provide a cost-effective and easy way for people to cook great food whenever and wherever they need. 

Gone is the need to lug around heavy pans and gas stoves to and from your campsite. Weighing only 1kg, it is effortless to take the CasusGrillTM anywhere, meaning that the length of your trip won’t have an impact on the quality of your food. 

Easily assembled in 5 minutes, the CasusGrillTM uses quick Oxylite bamboo charcoal to rapidly heat up ready for food to be placed on the grill.

With 60 minutes of cooking time, the grill creates a high, even temperature to suit any of your outdoor cooking needs, from simple snags to decadent feasts. 

The grill uses no metal, which can take up to 200 years to decompose, and the absence of lighter liquid and fossil fuels means that there are no bad tastes or smells and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

The sustainable aspect of the CasusGrillTM makes it an ideal addition to any trip. All the materials that make up the grill are sustainable and biodegradable except for the lava stones, which can easily be returned to nature and has been shown to have a great impact on improving soil.

After you’re done with it, throw what’s left of the grill onto the bonfire and watch it quickly burn into ash.

The CasusGrillTM  has won a multitude of awards globally for its clever design and eco-friendly attributes. 

The CasusGrillTM is available from RespectHealth.com.au, Amazon and select IGA locations 

For more information, visit https://soodox.com/product/casus-grill/